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About ClimbPot

What is the ClimbPot?
This is an entertainment website that offers blockchain games with Bitcoin.
How to play the game in the ClimbPot?
You need to create an account and make a deposit with Bitcoin to play the games at ClimbPot.

To create an account here
To deposit with Bitcoin here
Is the ClimbPot fair?
All games played on the ClimbPot are stored on the blockchain.

We also ensure that the data cannot be tampered with once the game has started, as evidenced by our provably fair page.
Is the ClimbPot safe?
The deposited crypto currency is managed in a cold wallet, which is strongly protected against leakage.

In addition, customers can optionally set up two-step verification through the Authenticator app.
Using this option is optional, but we highly recommend that you set it up if you are concerned about security.
What is block?
Deposited bitcoins will be marked as [block] instead of BTC on the site.

1block = 0.000001BTC
1,000,000block = 1BTC
If 1 BTC is $10,000:100 block = $1

*The value relationship between block and BTC is always constant.
Is there an app for your smartphone?
There is no app for smartphones.

ClimbPot is optimized for the most popular mobile browsers, such as safari and google chrome, so your experience will be stress-free.

ClimbPot Game

What is the ClimbPot Game?
It's a blockchain game with speedy gameplay, a payout that doesn't know how far it will go up, and jackpots that are distributed every 12 hours.

When a game starts with a bet of any amount (block), the multiplier of the payout (multiplier) increases exponentially.
*The more multipliers you have, the faster the rate of increase.

Multipliers on the rise are always likely to FINISH.
Until the Multiplier finishes, you can tap "STOP" at any time to end the game.
*You will receive a return based on the multiplier and the amount of your bet at the time you stop.

If the Multiplier has not earned a return by tapping the "STOP" when the Multiplier FINISHES, There is no dividend.
How do you play the ClimbPot game?
1.Enter the amount of your bets.
Enter a desired amount (block) between 10 and 100000.

2.Enter a stop multipliers.
Set your desired stop multipliers between 1.01 and 99999.

3.Tap the "Bet" button.
Betting is done under the conditions you set.
*Betting during the game is limited to the next game.

Once the game starts, the multipliers goes up.
When you tap the "Stop" button at any time or when the stop multipliers is reached, your bet x the multipliers will be refunded at the end of the game.
*The amount below 0.01 blocks will be rounded down.

For more information on how to play the game here.
How much is the minimum and maximum bets?
The minimum bet amount is 10 blocks
The maximum bet amount is 100,000 blocks.
What is the game return rate?
The rate of return for the game is 97% + jackpot return.

*Game return rates can be found on the game statistics on the game page.
What is the maximum payout amount ?
The maximum payout amount per user/game is limited to 1,000,000 blocks.
The stop multiplier is automatically adjusted at the time of betting if the projected return (bet amount x stop multiplier) is greater than 1,000,000. If the auto setting goes over the limit, it will stop automatically.

There is also a limit of 10,000,000 blocks per game to the maximum amount that can be refunded to all users.
The slots are filled on a first-come-first-served basis with the predicted return criteria and once the 10,000,000 block is reached, the bets are limited to 10,000,000. Automatically stops if you cannot bet during the auto setting.
What is a jackpot?
A jackpot is included in the ClimbPot game.

Stacking the jackpot
A portion of all bets placed by all users will be added to the jackpot, regardless of whether or not they have won a payout.

Drawing and distribution of jackpots
Jackpots will be drawn and distributed every 12 hours.

How the jackpot is drawn
Programmed draws will be made according to the winning multiplier for the relevant jackpot.
Multipliers vary depending on the type of jackpot being played, so please visit our jackpot page for details.

jackpot page is here
What happens if I have a connection or lag problem?
This is a real-time game on the Internet, there will always be a delay between the time you tap the "stop" button and the time the server receives your stop.

The stop multiplier can be set to counteract the network delay.

The stop multiplier is sent to the server at the start of the game, so regardless of connection problems, for example, the stop will be at the value you set, even if the player is completely disconnected.

Deposit / Withdraw

What payment methods are available for deposits?
You can send bitcoins from your wallet (Deposit Bitcoin) or deposit by Credit Card.

*Credit Card payment method is made by purchasing bitcoins through an external service then automatically transferring the purchased bitcoins to the customer's account on ClimbPot.
How do I deposit money into my account? (Deposit Bitcoin)
1.Tap [DEPOSIT] on the menu at the bottom right of the screen.

2.Select the [Deposit Bitcoin]

3.Send money from your wallet to the displayed bitcoin address.
Scan your mobile bitcoin wallet with the QR code or copy and paste the deposit address to your bitcoin client.

*The deposit address is valid only once.
*If you make a mistake in transferring funds to the wrong address, it will be a problem outside of the our service and almost impossible to recover. Please be careful when sending money.
How do I deposit money into my account? (Credit Card Xbuy)
1.Tap [DEPOSIT] on the menu at the bottom right of the screen.

2.Select the [Credit Card Xbuy]

3.Tap [NEXT] after entering a valid email address and the amount of money you want to deposit.

4.Please follow the instructions of the payment company you are moving to complete the process.

5.After approval by the payment company, bitcoin will be purchased and transferred to the customer's account on ClimbPot.
How long does it take for my balance to be reflected in the balance after I make a deposit?
Deposit Bitcoin
It depends on the service and fees that the sender uses.
Please check the service you use for details.

Credit Card ”Xbuy , UTORG”
After completing the process, the payment company will approve the transaction then bitcoin will be purchased and transferred to the customer's account on ClimbPot.

Please ask your payment company about the time required.

*Please note that both of these deposit methods are not considered complete until the approval count reaches 6, so it may take some time.
How do I withdraw money from my account?
1.Tap "withdraw" on the bottom-right menu

2.Enter the amount to be withdrawn.

3.Enter the bitcoin address of your withdrawal destination.

4.tap "withdraw".

*If you make a mistake in transferring funds to the wrong address, it will be a problem outside of the our service and almost impossible to recover. Please be careful when sending money.
*The handling fee for the transfer should be shoulder to the customer.
What is the minimum and maximum deposit amount?
Deposit Bitcoin
The minimum deposit amount is 0.0001BTC(100block) excluding fees.
Less than 0.0001BTC or made by deducting fees from 0.0001BTC may not be reflected correctly.

Credit Card Xbuy
The minimum deposit amount is $50.
The maximum deposit amount is $20,000.
The amount reflected in the ClimbPot (block) depends on the rate at the time of settlement.
What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001BTC(1,000block).
The maximum amount that can be withdrawn in 30 days is 2.0 BTC (2,000,000block), not including the amount deposited.

*There is no limit to the amount of your deposit to be withdrawn.
What information and documents do I need for withdrawal?
You do not need any documents or information to make a withdrawal.
What are the fees for withdrawals?
A fee of 0.0001 BTC will be charged for each withdrawal.
How long does it take to make a withdrawal?
The process on ClimbPot will be completed within 24 hours of receiving your withdrawal request.


How do I contact the ClimbPot?
If you have any questions, please click here.
Resetting your password.
If you have not set up an email address in advance, you will not be able to resetting your password.
If you have already set your email address and would like to have your password reissued, please click here.
How do I change my password?
You can change your password from My Page.
How do I change my email address?
You can change your email address from My Page.
Is two-step verification possible?
Two-step verification can be set up by using the Authenticator application.
The settings can be set and deactivated from My Page.

*If you are unable to connect to the Authenticator app due to loss or damage of your device, we are unable to help you.